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Dive Sites

We offer various dive trips to several dive sites with our daily boats.

The dive sites are suitable for both beginner and experienced divers.

Nice coral gardens, drop offs, or fantastic underwater landscapes- we have incredible diversity here in Quesier.

  • Variety of fish
  • Exciting current dives or enjoy the calm underwater world

See below the map with the overview. Additionally, here are some short descriptions of each site.






Dive site description

Serib Soraya
approx. 90 min travel time 
A small reef bay which slopes gradually to a sandy bottom. The north dive site starts with a downward sloping coral garden with several sand grooves down to 30 m. After 25 min you reach a nice sand plateau in about 20m.
Serib Kebir
approx. 90 min travel time
Serib Kebir is a dive site in the fringing reef south of El Quesier. It is a protected site with many diving possibilities. Inside the bay in the shallow area, there are many caverns and caves. In the north, there is a beautiful coral garden with sand patches in between coral blocks.
Soug Bohar
approx. 80 min travel time
Great dive sites are available on both the north and south sites of this area. Shallow (5 m) caverns and caves offer variety in contrast to a wonderful coral garden in the north. The south site offers many coral pinnacles with incredible fish diversity. This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
approx. 70 min travel time
At this site, the remains of a small wreck at 22-30 m depth are overgrown with many colorful soft corals. Glassfish swarm inside the wreck and a nice coral garden with sand areas give this dive site an interesting and unique atmosphere. This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
Erg Monika
approx. 45 min travel time
One of our best dive sites! Erg Monika is a wonderful outer reef situated 40 min north of Sharm Fugani. There are two very big pinnacles overgrown with wonderful, colorful soft corals and smaller blocks around the main blocks. The visibility is always great. This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
Erg Lassal
approx. 45min travel time
Erg Lassal is the neighbour outer reef of Erg Monika. There is one wonderful pinnacle. The whole area around this block is full of millions of anthias and schools of other fish. The block is overgrown with colorful soft corals and the visibility is also very good. Many people love this diving spot! This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
Torfa Lassal
(approx. 45min travel time
This dive site is a very large bay that is protected from wind and waves. There are many possibilities for your dive. In the north, the underwater landscape offers many canyons and a beautiful coral garden. The south site offers many different kinds of blocks and a huge sand area with a lot to see.
approx. 20min travel time
This dive site is our deepest dive site. There is a drop off down to 60-70 m with a wonderful coral garden and a beautiful, small sand plateau.
Shaab Afrid
approx. 20min travel time
This reef slopes down gradually and is covered with many hard corals. In between are several sand patches rising from the deep offering a nice variety of landscapes.
Sharm Fugani (Hausriff)
Our house reef is a huge protected bay with many, many possibilities for your dive. It is one of the best diving spots in the area and is great for both beginners and experienced divers. The bay is protected from current, wind and bad weather conditions, and the entrance and exit is very comfortable. Some of our guests do all their dives here! You can find a nice drop off, a gently sloping sand area speckled with lots of coral blocks, great coral gardens, as well as fantastic hard coral landscapes. This diving spot also offers high fish diversity so you can always discover new things. Short trips with our Zodiac (speed boat) offer you more possibilities and give you more flexibility to discover the surrounding area!
Erg Fugani
approx. 5min travel time
This dive site can be reached only by Zodiac (speed boat) and is south of our house reef. You can find here one of the most beautiful underwater landscapes all over with fantastic hard corals. This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
Marsa Maowad
approx. 10min travel time
This dive site is situated directly after Erg Fugani and also offers a great coral garden and the chance to see big fish. This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
Sharm Tachtani
approx. 20min travel time
This bay is a very nice place to make your dive. You have the choice between the south and the north part. This coral garden is absolutely beautiful and the more shallow you dive, the better and more colorful it is! In the south part you can find more fish and have the chance to see a turtle!
Erg Malik
approx. 80 min travel time
This is one of our nice outer reefs and one of the best dive sites we have. Here you find many big blocks with lots of anthias around as well as big school of fish. The blocks are all wonderfully overgrown with soft corals in all the colors you can imagine! This dive site is only available with good weather conditions.
Torfa Tany
approx. 90 min travel time
This small sandy bay is quite far away from us. The entrance of the bay is a wonderful coral garden. Outside the bay there is a sandy area with a seagrass meadow. A seacow or dugong lives here, and dolphins come often to visit her. There is a good chance to see the seacow underwater! The trip is quite long, and because of that, there is a high likelihood of seeing dolphins along the way!